Urban Tale goes Acoustic

Simone Pub, Helsinki 27/04/2001...Christian Rupay reports...

First, I have to say that this was just a trio appearance, which consisted of Kimmo Blom (vocals), Erkka Korhonen (guitars) and Timo Pudas (keyboards), and mainly was a cover gig. Perhaps thery're waiting for the release of their debut album in August on Frontiers Records to make a proper live show. This was an interesting evening anyway; it showed how professional and talented this Finnish mob is.

The band played a set of all time favorites, songs that I have listened to before but I couldn't remember the names of some of their original performing artists! I was feeling like, when on the radio there's that tune you've known from ages, but never get to know who the artist is. Whatever, as far as I recall, such classics like Toto's "Rosanna", Eric Clapton's "I shot the sheriff", Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Proud Mary", Bryan Adams' "Summer of 69", Aerosmith's "Walk this way" were performed by the power trio. There's not too much to say when it comes to a cover gig; still it is worth to mention the way they managed to keep the mood up and especially the attention of the crowd. Most of the people there, I guess, were only there to take a couple of drinks before heading to the disco. And it's due to the ability of Urban Tale to deliver a good show. Kimmo's voice - "the finnish deadringer for Steve Perry" - as well as Erkka and Timo's playing passed my narrow critical ear with honours.

The songs that really caught my attention, were the Bon Jovi and Journey tunes "Living on a prayer", "You give love a bad name", "It's my life"; "Faithfully" and "Lights". They respectively showed me that given Urban Tale are in the right circumstances, they can make it big. They even played more contemporary stuff like Robbie Williams' "Rock DJ" which made some people (including myself) step onto the dance flour for a while. The only thing I missed was their original song "One day (I'll make you mine)". But doesn't matter, because I'm willing to wait for those "Urban Tales" to come. Indeed, if someone will put Finland in the melodic hard rock / AOR scene Urban tale are the chosen ones. "Step aside everyone, because a new champion has arisen"