Starship Of Giants
Houdini´s Eyes
King Of Hearts
On The Edge
Beggar & Thief
Open Your Heart
Passion Takes Over
Morning Smoke
Son of A Gun
Still Strong
Runaway Train
Doris Day
Captain Of Clouds


One Day
The Devil In Me

Urban Tale, the Finnish gift to the music world had their second album released 27th of January and it was time to play the songs live and celebrate the new cd. The show was held in a nice small club called On The Rocks in the center of Helsinki. There were some familiar faces in the attendance, even some members of our lovely AOR- Europe family. I was taking care of the merch this evening but had an excellent view to the stage and really enjoyed the show. New CDs were selling nicely and so were the new UT t-shirts.

The show started around 11:00 pm when the band came to the stage and started to play. It was melodic rock heaven for all of us who managed to get to the gig. The guys played around 75 minutes and went through old and new material. What I was really suprised that there were a whole lot of lovely ladies in the attendance. I guess all the ugly guys had gone to see Soulfly and the women decided to come and enjoy good music. Good for us.

The new songs were received really nicely and even some sing along was heard while the old songs were played. Kimmo is a very entertaining front man and all the jokes he told really got the growd laughing. All he needs is a bigger stage and he has the growd eating out his hands. It was a good time show.

The material is really good and strong so there was no need for covers (Sorry Janne) and the growd came to hear the new songs and sing along with the old ones. It really didn't matter if the band played old or new because the growd was loving every minute of it. Personally I really like the new stuff and specially songs "Beggar and Thief", Houdini's Eyes" and " Son Of A Gun" are very much to my liking. Even my mother wants the cds now after I played them to her. I try not to overdo this review so it's pretty short and sweet but I loved every minute and I'm really happy to be a small part UT organization.

The guys can play and if they ever happen to come to your town do yourself a favour and go see them. I guarantee that you leave with a smile on your face and isn't music suppose to bring us joy, laughter and make us feel something. Anyway at least this music makes me feel good and makes me think about life from all different angles. After all this ain't too bad place to be.

Review by: Vesa Nuorala,

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