A Special Ruisrock Interview with HIM!
8 July 2001, Ruissalo, Turku, Finland

AOR-E got a chance to briefly meet the lead singer of HIM, Ville Valo. Their drummer Gas Lipstick had also time for a few comments about the present and future of the band.

AOR-E: Him played their only gig in Finland yesterday, what's the situation in Europe?
Ville Valo: We haven't been touring that much during the summer because we have an album that needs to be prepared. We've been working with that and now we should start talking to journalist so they could tell everyone how wonderful the album is and people would then go and buy it.

AOR-E: HIM's new single "Pretending" is not as heavy song as we've been accustomed to hearing from the band. What can we expect from the forthcoming album?
Ville Valo: All kinds of stuff. The thing with the radio waves is that it is easier to put songs there that do not have such strong guitars. We're quite tired of playing heavy music so we'd rather play rock now.

AOR-E: So are you playing what you want or just thinking what would sell better?
Ville Valo: We're playing what we think would interest the record company. No, just kidding. We're playing what we like to, at least trying to.

AOR-E: What about the fanbase in Europe. How do you personally feel that you're doing there for example when compared with Finland.
Ville Valo: I don't know. I mean, it's always been fun to go there and people have coming to the shows so I think that's quite enough.

AOR-E: So you're quite comfortable with how things are at the moment?
Ville Valo: Yeah, there's been more positive things than negative things

AOR-E: About the ongoing recording process. Have you felt that you need to get it done quickly after the success of your previous album? How's it been?
Ville Valo: It's been a long and boring process. The album's been carefully done but still we want the album out as soon as possible because I think it's extremely stupid that these days the breaks between album releases tends to be three of four years. We want things to happen a bit more faster.

AOR-E: Europe is looking quite good, what about from here on? The U.S? Asia?
Ville Valo: Nothing is confirmed yet. We'll have to wait and see.

AOR-E: Thanks and good luck for the future.
Ville Valo: Thank you.

I then went on to ask HIM-drummer Gas Lipstick a few questions about the future of the band

AOR-E: "Pretending", what's after that?
G.L: Actually I don't know. Hmm.. well we're gonna release the album some time after the summer and then go on tour in September. That's basically the idea.

AOR-E: Do you have any more accurate information about the touring schedule.
G.L: We do mainly Europe this year. Start from Germany in September, then Italy and Southern Europe, then Scandinavia and Finland is up in January.

AOR-E: What are your expectations after the success of your last album?
G.L: I just hope the new album sells so we can keep on doing what we're doing. I don't know how much it's gonna sell and don't really care. Or of course I hope it sells enough that we can then start working on the next album. I just want to play live and put on some really good shows, that's the main thing for me.

AOR-E: So you see yourself playing in HIM for a long time?
G.L: Yes, I hope so.

AOR-E: OK, thanks.
G.L: Thank you.

Petri Kautto,