Vigilante's MP3 Vault is a column that is dedicated to hot new songs! Unsigned bands, pre-release soundbites, specialities...that sort of stuff!

WEEK 15/05:

Pete Lacey is selling his album "Karma's Gonna Get You! in order to raise money for a charity called "On Track". It's a skills center for adults with severe learning disabilities and physical disabilities, and a part of an organization called Elisabeth Fitzroy Support. If this MP3 of "Release My Heart" makes you curious, you can get a copy from this address: P Billington, 23 Nightingale Close, Rowlands Castle, Hampshire, PO9 6EU, England. Send a cheque for 10 POUNDS (Sterling) or 11,50 Pounds if you live outside of the UK and you'll get a CD in return. A limited run of the disc will be suplied with a free extra CD featuring songs from Pete's previous album. You can always e-mail Pete at:
Release My Heart (Full song, 192 Kbps mp3, 6,3 Mb)

WEEK 49/04:

Last year we gave the prestigious "Hot Tip" award to the demo of Strange Heart, a cool new AOR group/project from Finland. Here's a track from the demo...
Alone In The Dark (Full song, 192 Kbps mp3, 5 Mb)


I bet you thought that the comeback was shortlived? No, we're offering you more music again! Enjoy the melancholic modern rock of Apiskuko!
Walk Away (Full song, 192 Kbps mp3, 6 Mb)


After a long abscence, MP3 VAULT returns with all guns blazing! This time we've got three songs from US songwriter/singer/all-around good guy John Taglieri. These songs are tasters from his new album "NOW" which is due out in February, 2005. John's style is melodic rock, a bit similar to the last few Bon Jovi albums...
How Will I Know
What It Means


WEEK 50/03:

Hailing from Argentina, here comes Brokenheart, a new band formed by not so new musicians. Gonzalo Ledesma, guitarist and mean man already played on well known bands like Alianza and it's currently the lead guitar on Adrian Barilari's (of Rata Blanca fame) touring band. Brokenheart, Ledesma's brainchild, is 80's melodic hard rock as good as it gets and the fact that has Spanish lyrics shouldn't prevent you from giving it a try. It's really worth! Here you have 4 sound clips (90 seconds each) from their debut album Ojo x Ojo, only available in Europe at the moment, via OX Records.

Angel Alado
Destrozando Un Corazón
Los ' 80

WEEK 40/03:

Double dose of Finnish rock courtesy of MTG Records! First off we have KILPI - this is quite special as "Nerokasta Ikävää" is the first and probably the last song with Finnish lyrics we're going to feature here. This song was a major hit in Finland and no, it's not pop, it's excellent melodic metal!
"Nerokasta Ikävää" (Full song, 192 Kbps mp3, 5,6 Mb)

The other song is from the debut album of Glitz. "Reaching For You" is a highly melodic track from these "modern retro-hard rockers" (according to their press release...).
"Reaching For You" (Full song, 192 Kbps mp3, 5,4 Mb)

WEEK 39/03:

It's our good friends from Spain again with another track off their first album!
"Indifference"(Full song, 192 Kbps WMA, 7 Mb)

WEEK 25:

After teasing you with samples a few months ago, Hubi Meisel has decided to offer a free single for you to download. Here's the link to one of the songs previewed here earlier, this time in all of it's glory:

Lost In The Waters Of Sargosso


WEEK 20/03:

The NEXX album previewed a few weeks ago is to be released today, and to celebrate that, we're offering you a full track! Courtesy of Now & Then, here's
"If You Could Read My Mind"(Full song, 192 Kbps WMA, 7 Mb)

WEEK 15/03:

Something a bit different this week: usually we offer you full tracks, but pre-release samples from Spanish sensations NEXX are too good to here they are:
"Arches Of Faith"
"Get Fire"
"Sitting There"


WEEK 9/03:

The oddly-named APISKUKO are a new band from Finland (again!), and you can sample their brand of modern melodic rock by listening to "I Feel Alive" (Full song, 192 Kbps, 6,8 Mb) . No website address available yet!

WEEK 5/03:

House of Mirrors are a new Finnish band, whose first release has been getting a warm welcome in the media. "Searching For My Soul" (Full song, 192 Kbps, 5,4 Mb) is an uptempo rocker with a strong hook and a slightly neo-classical style.