1 Hyperborea
2 Skull Island 
3 The Brotherhood
4 Final Cry For Freedom 
5 Last Hero On Earth
6 The Mad hatter
7 Vorpal Nomad 
8 As The Otherworld Falls Down 
9 Jack O'Lantern

2012 Metalodic Records

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VORPAL NOMAD: "Hyperborea"

VORPAL NOMAD from Bogota, Colombia, started out as a power metal band in 2010 and the band's first maxi-single was released and recorded under the monicker of 'The Spirit Machine'. 'Hyperborea' is their first full length album release and the lads are paying/playing major tribute to eighties teutonic metal albums such as "Branded and Exiled" (Running Wild), "Reign Of Fear" (Rage), "Battalions Of Fear" (Blind Guardian), "Hypertrace" (Scanner), etc. Pretty classy and basic metal with a raspy vocalist and headbanging tracks. Find out more about the album, here's their lead vocalist: Felipe Machado Franco, it's... VORPAL NOMAD...

How has the reaction to your latest CD been?

Felipe Machado Franco: So far is been really nice, the web pages and magazines that have made reviews all agree about the CD being a great start for the band, they also have high expectations for a follow up.

How long did this CD take to make from start to finish, recording-wise?

FMF: From the moment Nicolas Waldo (guitars) and I discussed the basic layout for the CD and songs and to the point when Piet Sielck delivered the final mix... less than a year.

What kind of 'sound', production wise, did you have in the back of your mind, prior to entering the studio?

FMF: Nicolas and I had a clear idea that we wanted to create the power metal band we always wanted to have and feel proud of over here in Bogota, but until now, no one had created. If you want something done you better do it your self ;) So in the back of our minds our points of reference were CDs of bands like Gamma Ray and Blind Guardian, never hoping to be at their level, but always admiring them.

What kind of input did the producer have during the process?

FMF: Up until song writing and demo stage all the production was in Nicolas's and my hands. Over here at ART Studio Juan Felipe Gutierrez had the role of polishing the edges and capturing the basic essence. Piet Sielck over at the Powerhouse studio powered up the sound we captured at ART and also energized the choruses, back up vocals, guitars sound and made sure we had the sound quality we needed to catch the attention of record companies.

And are you pleased with the final outcome? (sound - production wise)

FMF: To have a first CD with this kind of production and sound is an honor for any new band, To leave the final stage of your first CD to a big name inside the power metal world as Piet is something not so many bands can do. We are the first band from Colombia that had a CD post produced in Germany, to us the birth place of the music we play and love. We learned a lot and
we also know that you can always do better and that it's fun to make new CDs. We feel really proud about this starting point.

Did the producer (you) use any (weird) experimental miking and/or recording techniques?

FMF: We conjured an ancient pagan spirit that got inside the mixing console and worked his magic, apart from that it was all the classic digital tools production techniques and a lot of patience!

How did you go on about capturing your 'live sound' in the studio, or perhaps you didn't

FMF: The way we create music in the band is I suggest a topic or concept to Nicolas and maybe some sound, and speed references, and he also mention some ideas and what he hope from the song. Then he create demos
of the songs that I use to create singing melodies and lyrics. All the band rehears the songs by studding the demos and when it all sounds decent we go into the studio.

Please inform us about your favourite songs and lyrical highlights and why?

FMF: Hummmm… hard question. So far I keep on listening to the CD a few times a week, and for the first time it's music that I co-wrote that I don't get tierd of. All the songs have different topics and intentions, so at this point I love them all.

Any overall theme of mood that you're trying to capture while writing songs?

FMF: Basically I have this list of stories or lyrical topics I hope to use for future songs, lets just say that 'Hyperborea' had 1% of that list. It's easy to notice that I love stories about lost worlds, mysteries, magic, classic fantasy books, steampunk worlds and secret societies, so those are topics that you'll always find in my lyrics.

Did the record company interfere with anything on your "sound" and songs?

FMF: Nope! they pretty much loved the complete result.

Are there any 'crazy' behind the scenes anecdotes from these sessions that you can share with us?

FMF: One day we are recoding at the studio and this guy dressed like the singer of Vorpal Nomad came in and… any way, it's a long story.

How would you describe the sound of your new CD to any potential new fan? 

FMF: If you love songs like 'Land of The Free', 'Traveler In Time', or 'Brave New World', this CD is for you. This CD is for any die hard Power Metal fan.

Who are your influences and heroes? (music-wise

FMF: Kai Hansen. Piet Sielck, Tobias Sammet, Hansi, Rolf Kasparek, too many to mention…

If there's anything you'd like to add, say, please do:

FMF: Thanks for this interview and for promoting Vorpal Nomad and a thousand thanks to all the wonderful fans that buy our CD and follow us on facebook. If you dont have our new CD 'Hyperborea' and feel curious about it please go to: 
Felipe Machado Franco/ VORPAL NOMAD

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