Have you noticed that everybody talks about WIG WAM as a "joke" and a poor man's version of The Dorkness... ehem... The Darkness??? Yep! that's what you get when you mix serious rock'n'roll with a rather glammy and dorky-fun image. Many music reviewers (writers) lost all of their sense of humor during the great war anyhow and to be honest... most of them never had any in the first place (w**kers).

It's kind of sad and darn right pathetic to watch a person with a "I-hate-everything-about-the-80's" attitude, trying to explain to the rest of us why we-should-hate-it-as-well. Somebody please tell me why all these freaks end up as music "journalists" at all the major magazines??? Aren't they supposed to have a open minded attitude towards music in general? and simply not hate "stuff" (now there's a nice word) merely because it came out or sound like music from a certain era??? It's ok to love Bob Dylan and not David Coverdale? It's political correct to embrace Sting and not Ozzy??? Well... ok... forget about the latter example :) ... or??

Geez... the fencehangers were trying to explain that "you can't have a hardrock act at the Eurovision contest". No... of course not... but it's most certainly ok to have techno, disco, ethno music, girl power rock, rap, heck, everything except schlager and glam rock it seems. Nah, let's face it people - a hit is a hit is a hit is a hit - no matter what these "ink-slingers" are trying to say. This hardly comes as a surprise to RockUnited visitors, sure "In My Dreams" is a freakin' great song, but you can find many of them during a year of melodic hardrock releases all around the world. The problem has always been with the stuck-up journo and his/her lame attempt to simply erase a classic era, during which hardrock sold millions and millions of copies world wide. Let's face it... hardrock ruled the world and MTV (pretty much the same thing) back then and the genre will never be the same again.

Let's make this clear once and for all: The music of WIG WAM is 100% real!!! It's not a "joke band" and they're not taking a crap at 80's hardrock. They are all "old" musicians of the 80's and they all have a musical background from bands such as Sha-Boom, Dream Police, Artch, Dag Finn, Tone Norum, etc, etc. However, they don't take themselves too seriously, the image is kind of crappy I'd admit, but c'mon, they're all doing it for a laugh and a couple of beers. Remember that most music "journalists" simply can't get the hang of this, since they all have a problem with "humor" and their information storage capacity isn't always top class, if you know what I mean? Another thing while I'm at it... the image may be "glam" but the music is pure melodic hardrock of the 80's. Not that it matters in the end, it's only rock'n'roll, but some people are desperately trying to avoid that "80's" thing and instead fool us all with another label.

The only problem with this "new" sensational hardrock band from Norway that everybody is talking about nowadays??? Well... that would have to be the fact that they are slightly over the hill and dare I say "old"? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the music... heck, I even voted at the Eurovision Song Contest for the very first time in my life... but honestly, wouldn't we all have been so much better off if they were 20 years younger and indeed a "new" hardrock band. Let's merely hope that a younger fun hardrock generation will come out of this "success" and let's ditch some of the geezers once and for all. Not that you can take away the hard work of WIG WAM or the fact that's it simplicity at its best... "In My Dreams"- fun and catchy music that will work as fuel for the fire... heck, we all burn for rock'n'roll over here.

The work of "THe uRbAn LegEnD", - sure, this tiny article may come out lame and corny as hell... but hey! guess what, you're still reading it!!!