Here's an interview about the comeback of Wild Horses and their recent album with famed drummer James Kottak (Scorpions, Kingdom Come, Warrant) who was kind enough to answer them instead. It's all very tongue and cheek and don't believe everything that Kottak has to say either ;-)

U - Welcome "back". The big question is perhaps: how come Wild Horses decided to give it another go with "Dead Ahead" in 2003? The millions and millions of $$$ you'll get in advance from the label... or is there another reason?

JK - Thank You... Some psycho from Z Records called us saying Wild Horses first release, 'Bareback', was his all time favorite disc and would we consider doing another..... we said 'why not'. I was on break from Scorpions, Rick (Steir/guitar, ed's remark), is independantly wealthy.

U- Are there any hidden messages behind the title of your new CD "Dead Ahead", or simply just a name for the bugger?

JK - It sounds cool.

U - Reviewers (and indeed average joe) are into comparing acts all of the time. How much Aerosmith would you say that "Can't Get By" have in it, and "Vancouver Mover" had at least me thinking about Bad Company/Free.

JK - You forgot about 'The Who'.

U - Who? Yeah! But do you hate to hear these things about your songs or is it only "flattering"?

JK - I'd rather be compared to the kings of rock than the 'Ratts In the Cellar'.... no pun intended!

U - You care to tell us what "California Freedom" and "Cradle To The Grave" are all about? And did california freedom change when 'the terminator'took over recently :-)

JK - John wrote the lyrics to 'CA. Freedom', I really don't know what he's talking about.... something about the night pissed off at the day. Rick wrote the lyrics to 'Cradle', he's a deep thinker and a libra..... and, he's great at algebra. It's about a baby born with aids.... or fish. Arnold has boosted the morale of CA. ten fold!! I voted for him!

U - Any favorite tracks of yours from "Dead Ahead" and the following question would have to be: why are "these" songs special to you?

JK - 'Vancouver Mover' is my fav after 1,000 listens... you know.... strip bars! I didn't want 'What's Love All About' on the CD, but Rick insisted. I wrote it, sang it, now, I dig it.... crank it!

U - It reads in the booklet that "all songs are written by Wild Horses". But how do you usualy write stuff and who brings what to the table?

JK - When I come in with a song, I write the music, melody, and lyrics. Rick adds the muscle, skin, and brains.... John dresses it up for a night on the town.

U - When did you originally record the songs for "Dead Ahead"? Have they been in the vault for awhile or?

JK - A few were recorded as tracks for our second release on Atlantic. But, this crazy grunge thing came along and we got dropped. About a year ago we blasted down 8 songs one day which is the meat of the CD.

U - It's been 12 years since the release of your debut "Bareback" (1991) Any special moments or fond memories from those days? and did Atlantic support you guys enough back then or were they already into the grunge thing?

JK - Memories: Big budgets, big boobs, big hair, and the Rainbow in Hollywood. Grunge was already established when our CD was to come out. Atlantic did try.... we were #1 at over 30 stations in America and having a great tour. People only cared about drugged up bands like Nirvana.

U - I believe that Johnny Edwards (Foreigner, King Kobra), was the original singer of Wild Horses? When did Levesque get into the picture and did he have to do an audition?

JK - We audtioned over 75 vocalists.... John was the best.... he has a cleft chin you know? We liked the way he sang 'Ew Yeah' and 'AALLLLL RIGHTTTTT'

U - Who came up with the band name "Wild Horses" and did you guys know about the UK act with Brian Robertson (Thin Lizzy, Motorhead) and Jimmy Bain (Dio, Black Sabbath)? I believe there's a country act with the same name too?

JK - I wanted a name with the word 'Wild' in it.... Rick added horses. I found out about the Jimmy Bain Wild Horses while playing in Needle Park with C.C. (DeVille/Poison -Ed). There are 100 country bands in the U.S. Playing in a hundred bars called Wild Horses.... we don't care.

U - Do you know if Levesque worked with Vito Bratta (White Lion) some years ago? If so... whatever happened with that and did anything come out from that session?

JK - Yeah, John worked with Vito Bratta for 2 years.... nothing ever happened.... Vito is a great guitarist.

U - Yeah! Let's hope that he returns to the scene one of these days. John is a fine singer in my books. Some Paul Rodgers influences there or?

JK - I think John sounds like John.... listen to 'Rebel Road'.... I am very proud of that song, I wrote it you know?

U - What kind of music are you into otherwise? Do you wear baggy pants and headbang along to '50 Cent' and the likes? :-)

JK - I like anything good.... Matchbox 20s new CD is great!

U - If there's anything you'd like to say, add, or promote. Please do:

JK - Order Wild Horses 'Dead Ahead'.... it is great.... I mean it. Pick up 'Bareback' while you're at it...... I need to feed my family.... HA!

Interview by: Urban "Wally" Wallström, 2003