"The Big 10 - The Essential Tracks" is a closer look at the songs of an artist or a band, and we choose the 10 most essential tracks. Not necessarily the greatest hits or the most well-known songs...

>>> The Big 10 - Dio

We're starting another new series! "The Big 10 - The Essential Tracks" is a closer look at the songs of an artist or a band, and we choose the 10 most essential tracks. Not necessarily the greatest hits or the most well-known songs... The first band in the spotlight: Dio.

>>> The Big 10 - FM

"The Big 10 - The Essential Tracks" is a closer look at the songs of an artist or a band, and we choose the 10 most essential tracks. Not necessarily the greatest hits or the most well-known songs... The second band in the spotlight: FM.

>>> The Big 10 - Shy

A look back at the career of one of UK's finest melodic rock bands, Shy. R.I.P. guitarist Steve Harris.

>>> The Big 10 - Aldo Nova

Aldo Nova started his solo career with a bang or with a "Fantasy" to be exact. He released two more albums in the early eighties, the vanished out of the public eye. Jon Bon Jovi lured him back into the spotlight by signing him to his label and producing a new album for him. Since then, apart from a instrumental album and some rare appearances, not much has been heard of him.

>>> The Big 10 - SURVIVOR

The heartbreaking news of Jimi Jamison's passing shocked us all last month. This is our tribute to him in a way, as he was the singer of many Survivor classics.

>>> The Big 10 - Black'n Blue

We return to celebrate the bands of Firefest - Final Fling. It's time for Black'n Blue!

>>> The Big 10 - PINK FLOYD

Our prog department asked for a "Big 10" of their own... and here it is, Pink Floyd!

>>> The Big 10 - Petra

Christmas is around the corner, so here's some Christian Rock... the best of PETRA. Because we are on the rock. United. Never mind...

>>> The Big 10 - Thin Lizzy

The legendary Thin Lizzy. We chose our favourites from the classic era - the Phil Lynott years.

>>> The Big 10 - Rainbow

From the mystical early albums with Ronnie James Dio to the eighties' AOR friendly sounds, we take a look at the music of Rainbow.

>>> The Big 10 - AUTOGRAPH

As the Firefest is around the corner, we're dedicating a couple of episodes of The Big 10 to bands performing there. First up - AUTOGRAPH!

>>> The Big 10 - MAGNUM

36 years, 18 studio albums... how can you select just 10 songs? It wasn't easy but we did it.

>>> The Big 10 - FOREIGNER

"The Big 10 - The Essential Tracks" continues again! This time, we take a closer look at the songs of the legendary AOR band FOREIGNER.

>>> The Big 10 - TWISTED SISTER

For a brief moment, Dee Snider and his merry crossdressers were the Biggest Thing in Metal. "What do you want to do with your life? - I wanna rock!" Classic...

>>> The Big 10 - Kiss: The "unmasked" years

When Kiss took off their masks in 1983, they entered a new era. It's not regarded as their "classic era" by many of the hardcore fans, but for some of us at RockUnited.Com the "unmasked years" are the best years of Kiss. Never mind the questionable videos, lyrics or the fact that Gene Simmons was mostly busy elsewhere... those were the crazy crazy nights and heaven was on fire!

>>> The Big 10 - GARY MOORE

Remembering the great Gary Moore - here are "The Big 10 - The Essential Tracks" of his.

>>> The Big 10 - HELIX

Canadian legends HELIX have asked you to give them an "R" for more than three decades... here are "The Big 10 - The Essential Tracks" of theirs.

>>> The Big 10 - WHITE LION

"The Big 10 - The Essential Tracks" presents... with pride... the mane attraction... White Lion!

>>> The Big 10 - Ozzy Osbourne

This time we're taking a look at the solo career of Ozzy Osbourne, a true Heavy Metal Legend. So, just hop on the Crazy Train and Bark At The Moon!

>>> The Big 10 - Bryan Adams

It's been over 30 years since "Reckless", but that album still dominates our list of the most essential Bryan Adams tracks... did I give away too much? And yes, we do know that he has released albums after 1991 and we have heard them...

>>> The Big 10 - Van Halen

This time we've chosen the best songs of VAN HALEN. We have a feeling that these choices may shock some die-hards, but we like what we like!

>>> The Big 10 - The Ramones

THE RAMONES, the legendary three-chord punk pioneers. So...hey ho, let's go!

>>> The Big 10 - Mötley Crüe

The most notorious band in the world or the saints of Los Angeles... are they still too fast for love? These are our favourite pieces of Dirt.

>>> The Big 10 - Nelson

The Timotei Twins! The sons of legendary Ricky Nelson shoot to the top of the charts in the early nineties, and continue to make music even today.

>>> The Big 10 - Warrant

Our tribute to Jani Lane, one of the finest songwriters of the whole "Hair Metal" era.

>>> The Big 10 - Eddie Money

This time we're celebrating the life and the music of Eddie Money, who recently passed away. He left a legacy of some very fine songs, and we chose our favourites.

>>> The Big 10 - Roxette

I recieved this article from Urban a few days ago, and started working on it on tuesday morning. Didn't get it finished and thought that I'd get it ready for publishing later that day. A few hours later the news of Marie Fredriksson's death reached us... it became our tribute to her. The songs will live on forever... but "Things Will Never Be The Same".

>>> The Big 10 - HEART

The legendary band fronted by the Wilson sisters Ann & Nancy is in the spotlight this time. Yes, we are not ashamed of liking their "mainstream era" the best... they may have not written all of those songs themselves, but they made them their own and they can be very proud of them.

>>> The Big 10 - RUNNING WILD

They're arguably the best German Pirate Metal band of all time! They might be also the only German Pirate Metal band too, but who's counting? Put on your eye-batch and read on!

>>> The Big 10 - HONEYMOON SUITE

This Canadian band was big in their home country and even knocked on the door to international success. They had some minor hits and did extensive touring, but for some reason the big success eluded them. We've been listening to them a lot lately, and can't understand why - they had a lot of good songs! What's more, their recent material has had its' moments too.

>>> The Big 10 - MICHAEL BOLTON

"Michael Bolton? Rock? Isn't he the housewifes' favourite", you ask? Well, back in the eighties he released a few bonafide AOR classics, and while he has moved away from that style, he's still a great singer. Check out our favourite tracks from Sir Michael of Bolotin...

>>> The Big 10 - LITA FORD

She was once a Runaway, the went Out For Blood and Danced On The Edge, before making it big with a Deadly Kiss and Ozzy... Ladies and Gentlemen, LITA FORD.