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Don't Mess With My Eighties, part Two - The long-awaited sequel to Urban's critically acclaimed column!

"Say It Again?" - quotes of 2005" - a dive into the interview archive of 2005.

Phil Lynott gets a statue! - Bailey Bros cover the unveiling festivities!

AORmaggedon - what is AOR anyway?

WigWam - Hard rockers in the Eurovision Song contest!

"What Did I Say?!" - quotes of 2004" - our investigators find out the truth and then some!

Majestic Rock - Urban spoke with Geoff Gillespie of Majestic Rock Records.

"Say What? The greatest, worst, oddest quotes of 2003" - Urban dived into our interview archives, and put together this neat little item!

Offline - Bandi's three months offline. What does mainstream radio and media offer for a newshungry hard rocker?

Don't Mess With My Eighties! - Urban is pissed off and he has a reason to be!

A.K.A. 47...The Koolest Namez in Rock (or not...) - Urban's not-so-serious look at the art of artist names...

The Story Of TREAT - The story of a band synonymous with the term "Scandinavian AOR". Yes, poodle perms and skintight trousers, but more inportantly, great melodic hard rock music!

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BEST OF 1999

These stories give some of our favorite musicians the chance to entertain you in a completely different way, to let them show their unique writing style, the black side of their humor, and hopefully have as much fun when writing as you have when reading. They tell you unique, obscure, humorous stories that happened to them somewhere along their career. We post the stories exactly the way they shared them with us. THEY did all the typing for you so respect their efforts and have fun and a good laugh when reading their BEAST SIDE STORIES.

Zachary Hietala (Tarot)
Starbuck (Stoner Kings)
Eddie Smith (Mad Margritt)
Andy Pierce (Nasty Idols)
Carsten Schultz ( Domain)
Michael Monroe (Hanoi Rocks)
Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica)
Paul Gilbert
Reb Beach
Jens Ludwig (Edguy)
Rick Cartey (Brave New World)
Derek Sherinian
Roy Davis (Shy)
Bill Leverty (Firehouse)
Jack Ponti
John Taglieri
Ricky Phillips
Doug Howard (Stun Leer)